Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children

Discipline that you and your child will feel good about! Spanking and Time-outs do NOT work.

At last, a positive discipline book that is chockful of practical tips, strategies, skills, and ideas for parents of babies through teenagers, and tells you EXACTLY what to do in the moment, for every type of behaviour, from whining to web surfing.

Includes 50 pages of handy charts of the most common behaviour problems and the tools to handle them respectfully! Parents and children today face very different challenges from the previous generation.

Today's children play not only in the sandbox down the street, but also in the world wide web, which is too big and complex for parents to control and supervise. As young as aged four, your child can contact the world and the world can contact them.

A strong bond between you and your child is critical in order for your child to regard you as their trusted advisor.

Traditional discipline methods no longer work with today's children and they destroy your ability to influence your increasingly vulnerable children who need you as their lifeline! You need new discipline tools!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dating for Dads: The Single Father's Guide to Dating Well Without Parenting Poorly

Here is the first book written specifically for men who date while answering to a higher authority: their children.
As a single father, you’re ready to begin dating again. But are your kids ready? In this much-needed guide, relationship expert Ellie Slott Fisher comes to the rescue with no-nonsense, no-judgments advice on everything from how to ask a woman out to navigating the potential minefield of overnight dates.

Single dads are as nervous as single moms about merging their parental responsibilities with their social lives, but they often don’t have intimate friendships in which to share their concerns. Drawing on her own experience as a single parent, interviews and surveys she conducted with more than a hundred single fathers and their children, and the advice of family therapist Dr. Paul Halpern, Fisher gives the lowdown on a range of tricky topics, including:
•When do I introduce my kids to the woman I’m dating?
•What if they don’t like her?
•Is it acceptable to date someone closer to my child’s age than my own?
•Are sleepovers okay when my kids—or her kids—are home?
•How do I give my children the reassurance they need while pursuing a social life of my own?
Plus, how to avoid one of the biggest dating pitfalls: mistaking lust for love. From dealing with your ex-spouse to protecting your children’s inheritance, and many issues in-between, Fisher gives single fathers the tools they need to be both sexy suitors and devoted dads.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Grace-Based Parenting

Grace-Based Parenting


Grace-Based Parenting

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    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Stepcoupling: Creating and Sustaining a Strong Marriage in Today's Blended Family

    Love may be sweeter the second time around, but once the bliss of a newfound relationship wears off a little, the reality of being part of a stepfamily sets in. If you are one of the millions of remarried Americans facing the challenge of blending two existing families into one cohesive whole, you are part of a stepcouple—and you know all too well how hard it can be to make your marriage work in sometimes tough terrain.

    Different parenting styles, finances, relationships with ex-spouses, legal matters, and even seemingly simple issues such as the kinds of chores assigned to children can chisel away at your union if you don’t always make your marriage a priority.

    Stepcoupling offers advice for stepcouples on how to do just that—all the while strengthening their blended family with a healthy marriage. Susan Wisdom and Jennifer Green provide tips and strategies on dealing with the issues remarried couples face, with a wealth of advice from real-life stepcouples, such as:

    * Learning to tailor your expectations of your spouse or children and remembering that no family is perfect
    * Knowing where your boundaries are, whether involving a hostile ex-spouse or a stepchild who demands too much attention
    * Realizing that traits like flexibility, tolerance, forgiveness, and openness are especially essential in a stepfamily situation
    * Making “us” time for talking, problem-solving, weekends away, and enjoying your marriage to constantly renew and strengthen your bond as a couple
    Let this invaluable remarriage manual help you make your stepcouple the foundation of a strong, happy, and successful stepfamily.

    Stepcoupling: Creating and Sustaining a Strong Marriage in Today's Blended Family