Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

The powerful message of this book is that children should be seen, heard, believed, and protected because, when they are not, we lose them! The authors have captured the essence of the divorce experience as it relates to the child-parent relationship. I have never seen it written about in this manner. I wish books with this content had been available for my clients many years ago. --The Reverend Otis Ingram, The Alliance of Divine Love

Every divorcing parent needs to read this book. It is a clear and concise guide through the particularly hazardous terrain of helping children when their parents are getting divorced. Professionals who work with divorcing parents will also find it insightful and beneficial. --Margaret A. Holbrook, Family Law Attorney
This book gives the reader exceptional insight into family dynamics and how they affect children. I highly recommend it and consider it a 'must read' for anyone who works with children, particularly in a divorce situation. --Louis O. Pupo., M.D.

About the Author

Jill- Jones-Soderman has been a consultant, therapist, and forensic counselor for thirty-five years. Allison Quattrocchi has been a divorce mediator and family law attorney for twenty-five years. They have combined their extensive experience to bring to the reader what they believe to be is one of the best resources for divorcing parents available.

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