Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Divorce Survival Guide For Kids

Divorce Survival Guide For Kids

Divorce Survival Guide For Kids: Tips To Survive Your Parents Divorce: For Kids, Written By Kids

Written in a light-hearted manner for kids and teens, this divorce survival guide for kids is authored by two teens who share tips and tricks they learned over more than ten years, while moving from mom's to dad's house.

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They decided to write it after realizing that when their friend's parents were divorcing, they were the 'go-to' divorce kids for advice...and they realized they were sharing the same information each time.

So, they wanted to share the information with all kids that are going through this difficult time, but in a kid-to-kid kind of way. In an easy to read format you'll find tips for what to expect, getting used to two homes, dealing with the divorce drama, what to do when you don't know what to do, and tips for sharing homework and school information between parents and teachers.

So many things you didn't have to think of when your parents were together! Most importantly, this book shows kids that they're not alone and others have successfully survived their parents divorce.

So why go through it with trial and error when you can read this brief guide and get all the tips you'll need to survive?! Deliberately kept short so you can get back to your friends, facebook, twitter and everything else kids do today!

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Source: Divorce Wiki